You know, people are important and a company that is all the more, the higher the value of the people who work there. But for value often we do not refer only to technical skills. More and more we value qualities such as kindness, the smile, courtesy. In short, their ability to relate to others, often clients.

Think clerk in the bank, the doctor at the hospital, the cashier at the supermarket. When a person with right skills is also motivated to establish a good relationship with customers, quickly achieved excellent results.

But how can we measure these qualities in an objective way? And above all, how to make public these skills so that they become real incentives to improve the entire company?

To measure the ability of relation of people there is only one way: to count how many people appreciate.

And here comes Nice4power.

With Nice4power we aim to gain recognition in the world, for each profession, those who are the most appreciated by customers and what are the companies with the most courteous and friendly staff.

Imagine a future where when we go to a new city and let a company or a professional (a hotel, a bar, a restaurant, a taxi, a teacher, a physiotherapist, a post office, etc.) We know immediately who the most appreciated and rewarded by the public.

We think that word of mouth is still the best way to create and have a reputation, and we want to bring this word of mouth as well as the physical limit, creating a buzz online where all the world to recognize the most friendly and smiling. Hoping that this trigger a vicious circle and reasons more and more people to do the same.

With one click you can let the world know who the day today and still able to create that human connection that makes us feel important, recognized, respected.

J.D. Nice